RenderSphere is a dedicated team of 3D artists, and digital media experts who collectively bring together experience in art, architecture, engineering, graphic design, motion graphics, interactive media, and animation to deliver the highest quality visualization products for their clients.



TreyTrey Tyler  Owner

A formally trained architect that graduated from North Carolina State University (Bachelor of Architecture) in
1996, Trey Tyler has more than twenty-two years of experience in design and visualization. Trey founded
RenderSphere in 2011 to bring clients a level of insight and expertise in the 3D process that goes beyond what a
typical ArchViz firm usually provides. Trey’s practical, hands-on understanding of the design process informs his work as a 3D artist and helps guide his team with a client-focused approach that ensures design intent is
illustrated with accuracy and premier quality. This team mentality allows project stakeholders to give feedback throughout the visualization process which promotes the joint development of all final products. Trey truly understands his clients need to receive the highest degree of control, value, and quality on each project.

With a long-time passion for modern design, Trey serves as a Board Member for Modern Richmond, a local non-profit that seeks to promote, educate and celebrate Modernism in Richmond. Through Modern Richmond, Trey helps identify local modern buildings for monthly tours and is actively involved in the organization of Modern Richmond Week and the development of the first Modern Richmond Book scheduled for release in April of 2019.




NateNate Miller  Production Manager / 3D Artist

A senior member of the team, Nate Miller joined RenderSphere in 2015 with the technical training of a modern,
digital draftsman and the passion of a true artist. Always exploring what’s next and pushing the boundaries of the
hardware and software, he brings an expertise to the team that combines excellence in 3D visualization with his
role as Production Manager to be a technical adviser, mentor to other artists, hardware expert, art director, and
quality control supervisor. Nate’s close attention to detail, artistic talent, and thoroughness makes every final product adhere to the highest quality standards. He is a graduate of J. Sargeant Reynolds’ Architectural Drafting Program where he focused on 3D modeling. His previous work as a field technician in land surveying added a level of practical hands-on knowledge to his education and allows him to move fluently from 2D to 3D design and capture the client’s vision.




ChaunceyChauncey Browning  3D Artist / Web Specialist

Passionate about all forms of digital art, Chauncey Browning is a graduate of VCU and the New York Film
Academy with a focus on animation and 3D interactive media. His experience includes game design, website
development, graphic design, animation and film. Chauncey’s artistic talents and love of digital media led him to
explore architectural visualization with an interest in creating unique immersive digital environments.
Chauncey stays connected to the latest in digital arts and interactive media, and participates regularly in local
Game Jams, which challenge contestants to develop and code games in a timed environment. Other hobbies
include film making and acting. Chauncey has appeared in several popular TV shows such as Turn, Mercy
Street, and Legends & Lies.





JoelJoel Hutton  Digital Artist

Joel Hutton is an accomplished digital artist and animator with a passion for the intricacies of design and digital
art. A self-taught carpenter and woodworker, Joel put himself through school by working for Wellborn + Wright
and other construction-related businesses focused on the building trades. Joel graduated from VCU in 2017
after studying Kinetic Imaging and Furniture Design. His understanding of construction methods and techniques
as a craftsman, combined with his expertise in digital arts help shape his approach to 3D modeling, rendering,
and animation. Joel is always making something either in the physical world or the virtual one. Whether it's a piece of furniture or a 3D model of Medical Office building – Joel is pushing the boundaries of the tools that spawn and enable his




ZakZak Goldwasser  Digital Artist

A recent graduate of the VCU Kinetic Imaging program, Zak Goldwasser is a digital artist with a talent for
interactive media and motion graphics. He has extensive experience in video production and animation, with
specific skills in creating interactive slideshows for presentations and online media.

Zak’s interests include creating and combining digital arts to include music, animation and video. He often
creates cartoon-style animations for fun and a few have even gone semi-viral. This cross-disciplined experience
and interest brings a unique perspective to our team’s approach to developing computer illustrations, motion
graphics, and interactive media.