RenderSphere Joins the Highpoint Collective

Since 2012, the RenderSphere team has been operating from a quiet corner of the Fan. As our team grew, and our services expanded, it became clear that we needed more space. After exploring options throughout RVA, we chose the Highpoint Collective because it fits our needs balancing work, life and art. 

Why the Highpoint?

Community: We work in pixels, and are immersed in the digital environment for much of our work, but we live as creative individuals and members of Richmond’s maker community. Being part of the Highpoint Collective offers an added bonus of connecting with other artists, designers, and craftsmen. The shared resources and common spaces help create a natural way to meet and interact with new people and new ideas.
Location: Good things happen where creative people gather. Scott’s Addition is drawing and supporting an exciting group of businesses and public initiatives. From breweries and restaurants to innovative building renovations, eye-popping street-art and our favorite arcade games, the creative vibe is strong here, and we excited to be a part of it.
Opportunity: RenderSphere is committed to serving our clients and pushing the limits of 3D visualization and digital media for the design community. With a staff of 5 full-time 3D artists we have the flexibility and capacity to respond to tight deadlines while maintaining our level of quality production. Our new office location provides a platform where we can continue to grow and explore new ways to collaborate and connect with our clients.